Whistleblower rights and duties

Through this channel you can share anonymously and/or confidentially your knowledge or suspicion of an irregularity, illegality or practice of a crime in your organisation.

We encourage the reporting of all irregular, illegal or unlawful facts or situations because they represent an ethical, professional and citizenship duty which are important values of this company. In this way, you are contributing to the company becoming safer, fairer and more transparent.

All users of this channel are protected by law, prohibiting any kind of retaliation, ensuring anonymity (when desired) and/or confidentiality. The security of shared information is guaranteed and only those people exclusively designated by the organisation and provided for by law will have access to it.

Complaints shall be made in good faith. Misuse and/or misrepresentation is serious and compromises the purpose of this channel and may result in sanctions.

We recommend that you regularly access your record to check its status or to provide any kind of clarification that may be requested by the complaints manager.

If you wish to make available any personal data that allow you to be identified, you may subsequently exercise your data protection rights. Find out about this organisation's Privacy Policy.

If you have reasonable grounds to believe that the complaint cannot be properly examined or resolved within the company, or that there is a risk of retaliation, you can use alternative channels, including contacting the Competent Authorities for this purpose.